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We prefer #Friday. Why? Because of the #optimism bias! Discover why our #brain sees the glass half full.

RT @Confprof: Congress Chair of ESPACOMP on national radio interview … @CHUVLausanne @invivo_CHUV @MyLausanne @MySwi…

Mymetics announces new collaboration to advance the development of an innovative Malaria vaccine candidate -

Google wants to store your genome! -

Contrôler les gènes par la pensée! -

Exposition LAB/LIFE: Rencontres avec les chercheurs -

Philae a pu «renifler» des molécules organiques -

Givaudan ouvre un centre à Dubai -

Pilule amère, Alexion quitte Lausanne -

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The Science of Optimism

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“Innovation is our greatest value"

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The challenges of old age

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DNA does not tell everything

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“I’m con-cerned about the price”

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Protons versus cancer

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The Swiss Cancer Center, Lausanne

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A weight gene

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Botox: new relief for migraine sufferers

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Pleasure comes slow-cooked

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Hand-held doctor

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Developing the ecosystem… grounding our companies

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Remote-controlled medicine

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Staying fit through healthy eating

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