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Ces médicaments qui ont changé nos vies

Jacques Beaulieu, Multimondes, 2014

Jacques Beaulieu takes us through the history of forty ground-breaking drugs and how their development has impacted our health. And he notes that their use is growing. The Quebecois physician has authored more than thirty educational books on medicine, teaming up with different doctors and health specialists. In this book, Jacques Beaulieu also warns about increasingly efficient medical research, which helps us live even longer lives.


Genetic testing that can destroy families

“George Doe”,

In an article published by Vox magazine, an American biologist anonymously shared how his use of 23andme, a direct consumer genetic testing service, ended in his parents’ divorce. How did that happen? He found out that he had a half brother and decided to tell his family about it. They never got over the shock. At a time when the Swiss National Council wants to regulate commercial testing in Switzerland, this fascinating account shows the unexpected fallout from new medical technology.

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The Body keeps the score

Bessel van der Kolk, Viking Adult, 2014

Drawing on his experience with different cases of trauma over the course of his career, the American psychiatrist Bessel van der Kolk has released a book that can also serve as a survival guide for victims of post-traumatic stress disorder. The author provides an overview of the effects of trauma and suggests new therapeutic paths to healing, including activities such as yoga, theatre and exercise to find a healthy balance in patients’lives.


Breaking the Wall of Cardiovascular Diseases

Falling Walls Lab par Katerina Spranger

Every year, the Falling Walls Foundation invites young scientists to present their breakthrough research. Its international Falling Walls Labs are organised throughout the world. Each participant is given three minutes to convince a panel of experts of the quality of their research. The German/Ukrainian researcher Katerina Spranger presented her VIVa project,software she developed that is used to better plan stent implantation in a given patient.

Falling Walls Lab par Katerina Sprange