A pioneer of a new Master's degree in nursing as of October 2020, Sabrina Urbinati Moinat is a specialised nurse practitioner, a first at CHUV and in Switzerland.


The start of a passion

Born in 1979, Sabrina Urbinati Moinat spent her childhood in Isère. Growing up between lakes and mountains, she dreamed of becoming a veterinarian. In her free time, she fed and cared for Coco, her neighbour's donkey, and was always looking for ways to improve the well-being of those around her.


A taste of healthcare

After her general baccalaureate, she trained to become a dental assistant but wasn’t completely satisfied. After contemplating whether or not to be a dentist, she chose to attend the nursing programme at the University of Brussels. Four years later with a Bachelor’s degree in hand, she began her career with short-term nursing assignments, travelling around the world.


A taste of Switzerland

Looking to be closer to her parents, Urbinati Moinat took a temporary assignment at the Lausanne ophthalmology hospital. She enjoyed the festival-filled summers as well as the Swiss healthcare system; the importance of nursing and a holistic vision of the patient convinced her to move to Vaud.



After a stint in Paediatrics at the Children's Hospital, she fell in love with Diabetology. She chose this speciality because of the strong connection with patients and her natural affinity for health education. Insatiable, she knew she was still missing a few skills she needed to truly excel in the field. While so much knowledge is gained through hands-on experience, she needed to formalise her skill-set to bring true added value to managing chronic diseases.


A five-star master

Driven by CHUV director of healthcare Isabelle Lehn, the specialised nurse practitioner (IPS) Master’s degree was created. Encouraged by her managers Thierry Penseyres and Teresa Gyuriga, Urbinati Moinat began this adventure, working with Dr Michael Hauschild as her partnering doctor. She hopes to pave the way for a new practice, one that is closer to and more effective for the patient and their loved ones. With a clinical orientation and focused on care, this Master’s degree is the achievement of a career that began more than twenty years ago. /