Text: Antonio Racciatti, Director of Human Resources
Photo: Willy Blanchard

“Innovation is our greatest value"

Whether it is in industry, new technologies or medicine, innovation has become the main driver of development. Its capacity is a key value for both private companies and public institutions such as the Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV). However, it is not the organisations themselves that innovate, but the people who work at them.

This gives the human resources department at the CHUV a vital role to play. We need to create the most attractive environment possible to bring innovators to our institution. Flexible work time options and career advancement opportunities are key factors that boost the appeal of our establishment and bring personal satisfaction for
employees. This also means that we must be creative in our management methods, for example, by encouraging remote work when possible.

To drive innovation, human resources has to be fully integrated into the institution or company’s development strategy. At the CHUV, the function is represented on the Executive Committee. Human resources is an important partner that contributes to the development of the hospital by offering high value-added services such as skills development, change management, coaching and advice in work process optimisation. This integration also guarantees that the recruitment policy will align perfectly with the hospital’s strategic needs.

Human resources should no longer be considered a support function, but an actor that fully contributes to creating value for the organisation. All of the projects to develop and modernise human resources management at the CHUV work towards this goal of making the HR function a catalyst for innovation.