Photo: Philippe Gétaz

In Vivo, delving into the heart of life

Medicine requires increasingly diverse skills. Major progress has been made through collaboration between scientific fields as varied as materials science and surgery, computer science and neuroscience, genetics and the humanities. The medicine practised at our hospital is at the crossroads of all these disciplines.

The CHUV is also at the centre of an extensive network – a Health Valley, with an incredible wealth of hospitals, research laboratories and innovative start-ups. We maintain privileged and fertile relations with many of these partners. Moreover, we work alongside the world’s greatest universities on a daily basis to improve the treatment we provide.

All these reasons led us to decide that our new magazine, which follows on from CHUV Magazine, had to go beyond the confines of our institution. It has grown from an in-house journal into a publication that reflects the medicine we practise: open and international. It strives to promote innovation from the Geneva region both nationally and worldwide.

The first pages of In Vivo reveal the extraordinary creativity of the region’s researchers and entrepreneurs. Furthermore, we are fortunate enough to work with Benoît Dubuis, recently appointed director of the new Campus Biotech in Geneva, whom we are pleased to have as a columnist alongside Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier.

Faced with the shortage of health professionals, we hope that In Vivo will also nurture vocations among future doctors and nurses by spotlighting the unique careers of young professionals. That is the aim of the Cursus section. Published in French and English, In Vivo is distributed to the twenty-five leading universities worldwide, in addition to our scientific embassies in San Francisco, Boston and Singapore, and to hospitals and laboratories around the world with which the CHUV collaborates.

In conclusion, we believe it important to stress that, based on our concern for the proper use of public money, we were able to bring this project to fruition through a public-private partnership with the press agency LargeNetwork. We took tremendous pleasure in designing the magazine and we hope you will enjoy delving into the heart of life with In Vivo. Happy reading! ⁄



Prof. Pierre-François Leyvraz

General Director at the CHUV